Comparison of programs that can resampler photos

This small test was performed on applications that can resample many photos (batch conversion). For the test of speed I chose simple scenarios that are supported by all the programs (a simple reducing of the size keeping the same quality).

ApplicationIrfanViewXnViewFormat FactoryJpeg Resampler 2010
Points (1-5)Weight
Installation and integration55453
Snadnost použití33454
Supported file formats55442
Options of resampling43454
Speed of resampling52355
Time spent to setup resampling33554
Total points907185106
Samples and time in seconds
Speed of sample 1 *135945534
Speed of sample 2 *29817516390
*1 - 46 images JPG (15MPix)->JPG
*2 - 178 images JPG (10MPix)->JPG

A few comments to the applications:



Format Factory

Jpeg Resampler 2010


If you don't need an editor or other special functions, choose Jpeg Resampler. If you don't mind about complicated setup or if you need more then just a batch conversion, pick IrfanView.

Tests performed on Acer Aspire 5942G, Intel Core i7, Win 7 64bit, 8GM Mem.