Penzion ILDAM - Tulipan

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Penzion pro rodiny s dětmi a cyklisty
The large forest nearby the guest-house is an ideal place for gathering mushrooms, blueberries and cranberries.

Mushrooms Brdy

One of the most common mushrooms is boletus however experienced muchroom-picker can find many other types of mushrooms as well. On the picture you can see what we have once found.
Blueberries Brdy
Although you may often see blueberry-pickers in the forests, there is no reason to be afraid that nothing was left for you. Just don't forget to take a big bucket.
Cranberries Brdy
At some places in the Brdy forest you may found large areas full of cranberries. However it is usually necesary to go there on bike as these places are not near the edge of the forest.