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Penzion pro rodiny s dětmi a cyklisty
Note that some of the following activities are for czech speaking people only.


School of sliding
If you like driving or if you only want to improve your driving abilities, you can try the school of safe driving organized by MAX CARS at the nearby airport.

Sliding school During the whole day training you will be provided with lots of information and experience from a professional drivers. You will also be allowed to test your abilities on a sliding surface (slippery just like snow) and at the end you will race against the other attendees.

The courses are organized 2 to 4 times a month, usually during weekends, it is necessary to register here first.

Skyservice Pribram

Parachuting, observation and acrobatic flights
At the nearby airport you can experience a lot of adrenalin activities. The Sky Service company offers tandem parachuting, observation and acrobatic flights and more.