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Penzion pro rodiny s dětmi a cyklisty
Our guest-house was reconstructed in years 2008-2009, we significantly changed the internal arrangement of rooms to ideally use the space and make our customers feel just like at home. A thermal insulation was installed together with facade and roof, also all the interior is brand new (doors, windows, floor). We are also focusing on the garden and the areas around the house.

The following photos were taken before or during the reconstruction:

Interior before reconstruction
All the original equipment was removed before the reconstruction even started.

entrance hall living room

Exterior before reconstruction
On these pictures from 2008 you may see the house before the reconstruction. Notice there was a balcony on the first floor and terrace under it. Both disappeared during the reconstruction.

from the street from the street

Partial demolition
The floor under the roof during the demolition (October 2008).

1st floor 1st floor

Walling in of the terrace and balcony
In January 2009 the terrace and balcony in the front part of the house were already walled in.

new wall

Work in the basement
In January 2009 the work in the basement was already in progress as well (currently the wine room).

ground floor ground floor

Summer 2009
Reconstruction almost finished however the garden was still horrible and there was no equipment in the interior.

almost done almost done